Protective coating

New technologies in protective coating systems are constantly emerging. Pacific Remedial Solutions are at the forefront, utilising advanced silicone resin coating systems, facade membrane systems, anti-carbonation coatings and silane / siloxane impregnating sealers to protect building elements from harsh coastal conditions, and providing long lasting maintenance solutions.

As with all material applications, we employ stringent measures of quality control. We work in close consultation with our material supplier’s to ensure products are applied in strict accordance with specification. Particular attention is given to surface preparation and condition, temperature and coating thicknesses which are fundamental to the performance of most coating systems.


Waterproofing systems generally rely on the application of one or more layers of membrane material acting as a barrier to prevent water into a buildings structure. Waterproofing failure is one of the most common defects in the building industry and is largely due to inadequate or poorly applied membrane systems. Many of these problems can be avoided by good work practices and attention to detail. Use of the right waterproofing products is also a key factor in preventing water ingress and ensuring a sound solution.

Pacific Remedial Solutions specialise in liquid acrylic and polyurethane membranes, loose laid and fully bonded sheet membrane systems as well as positive and negatively applied cementitious waterproofing systems.

We are licensed applicators and recognised by most of the major waterproofing suppliers with experience in waterproofing all types of structures from balconies and roof tops to car parking facilities and reservoirs.

Facade and heritage refurbishment

High rise facade and heritage refurbishments projects are where we excel. High rise access equipment is often required to facilitate specialty works to a building’s external façade. Works of this nature include cavity flashing replacement, lintel replacement, render repair, concrete repairs, painting work, brick works including brick pointing and replacement, window replacement, joint sealing, crack repair works, balustrade repair or replacement, guttering and roofing works. We can design an access system to reach every facet of your building.

High rise facade or heritage refurbishment works are usually undertaken on occupied buildings. An orderly approach and clear communications with the building committee and residents is essential to ensure a successful project.

We aim to consistently provide a smooth progression from commencement to project completion.

Concrete repair

Carbonation and chloride attack are the most common cause of damage to the reinforced concrete elements of a building. The propagation of salts and contaminants into a concrete structure often leads to corrosion of the steel reinforcing. The expansive forces of the corroding steel reinforcement can result in cracking and subsequent delamination of the outer concrete surface. This occurrence is commonly referred to as concrete spalling.

Concrete spalling if detected and repaired in its early stages is generally not of any major concern, however if left unattended significant structural damage and costly labour intensive repair is certain. Early detection and repair is crucial in the prevention of such structural issues.

Pacific Remedial Solutions are experts in the field of specialised concrete spalling detection and repair.